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Distributed Scrum Practitioners

Nowadays Agile is almost on its peak of popularity, and Scrum is on everybody’s tongue. I see Scrum being followed almost everywhere. I even came through videos where kids were using Scrum to manage their tasks. I see small/big projects using Scrum to deliver quick and superior products. I see questions and curiosity about Scrum. There are groups where people discuss, share their Scrum pain points and other areas of improvement.

However, Distributed Scrum definitely not as easy as plain Scrum is. It involves geographical, cultural and chronological issues. It has its own set of rules. To have a successful distributed Scrum team is not at all a piece of cake.

Things like TimeZone difference, Distributed Standups, Team configuration at different sites, Cultural Differences, Linguistic problems and many more bottlenecks continue to haunt the Distributed Scrum Teams.

Few months back, I could not find a place where specific problems regarding “Distributed Scrum” could be answered. Hence, I created a linked group “Distributed Scrum Practitioners” to discuss the problems faced in distributed scrum.

I invited few great minds of Agile to participate in the discussions. These people have been practicing Distributed Scrum for a long time. We have discussed lots of issues there. We got different viewpoint from different experts which helped us in finding problems for our Distributed Scrum Team.

Some of the Discussions were:

Is it necessary to have developers at all centers of scrum?

Things without which Distributed Scrum won’t work.

When to not have a distributed Scrum?

How to use Planning Poker cards in Distributed Scrum?

Retrospective : What went well? Do we do it the correct way?

Have you ever faced a scenario where the product owner is not the supreme authority. And you have multiple influential stakeholders…

Remote pairing success stories

The lamest possible implementation

and lot more.


If you also want to share your thoughts on Distributed Scrum, or to solve your problems in Distributed Scrum by advice from people who are really following from a long long time. Join and participate in “Distributed Scrum Practitioners“.


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